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Humidity and Your Instrument

Slipping Pegs. Open Seams. CRACKS! Low Bridges. Stuck Pegs. Angry Wolf Tones. Did you know all of these problems can be caused by humidity extremes? We go over common humidity issues and how to keep your instrument and bow happy and humid.

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Posted on: 30 JULY 2016


Unexplained Breaking or Exploding Bow Hair

Perhaps you are cleaning out your basement and unearthed your childhood violin or are returning from vacation and opened your viola case to play and discovered an explosion of bow hair. If the bow seems otherwise intact and there seems to be no cause for this random phenomenon, you may be the victim of (what we in the string industry call) bow bugs.

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Posted on: 26 APR 2016

Slipping Peg Strife

Almost every bowed string instrument player has run into a problem with their strings going out of tune. Most of the time, this problem (on a violin, viola, or cello) is caused by a slipping peg. In fact, when a customer walks into our store with a broken string, 9 times out of 10 the cause of the break was over-tuning of the string.

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Posted on: 15 MAR 2016

Bow Bugs Unexplained Exploding or Breaking Bow Hair? You may have bow bugs!

Humidity and Your Instrument Understand how humidty affects your instrument and bow during seasonal changes.